Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fixing A Coolant Leak | D and H Automotive Auto Repair Redding CA

So this young man comes into the shop yesterday about fixing a coolant leak. Nice guy. His family have been going to D and H Automotive auto repair for years.

I didn't talk to him right away because I was busy shooting video and take stills around the shop. I finally had a privilege to talk with this young man. I think I asked him if he was social on the internet. His reply was "yes".

Of course. Tell me a young person not on the internet nowadays.

Anyways, I shared with him what I was doing for the shop, creating that social buzz. Local social buzz social, that is. It's important that all businesses should be applying social marketing. +Google+ , Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, you get the picture. just social marketing b

Not just social marketing but content creation as well. Like videos or article writing, blog posts and so much more.

That's what I do.

Here is a short video at the shop of Norm, the owner, helping out the nice guy of this post.

Thanks for coming to D and H Automotive auto repair of Redding CA.

P.S. If you have a business and you are interested in marketing on the internet the right way leave a comment with your interest and I will get in touch.
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